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It's hard running a business isn't it? And never more so than today. Even if your business is successful you may worry it might not last.


That’s where MGBA comes in, part of UKBA, a network of experienced business advisors; so there will be someone in your area with the practical skills and expertise to make a difference and help you sleep at night.

Business Growth

So, whether you:

  • Are struggling with cash flow
  • Need more sales
  • Want your staff to be more productive
  • Need an injection of money
  • Or need to work out the best way to sell your company
Get in Touch Nowand make the difficult decisions that bit easier.

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A Simple GDPR Audit for most small companies

To be ready for May25th and the need to conform to GDPR This does not include DPO, as you won’t need one. Information you hold You should do
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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

UKBA recently held one of its bi-annual National Conferences, the chance to meet up with colleagues you don’t see between one meeting and th
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