Monthly Archives: February 2016

2902, 2016

Corporate Governance


“We decided not to go to the expense of a Shareholders’ Agreement because we were such good friends” …… until we hit a crisis and we couldn’t afford to pay ourselves.   How many times have I heard this?   More often than you would imagine.   Without a Shareholders’ Agreement there are no ground rules by […]

2302, 2016



“My accountant deals with all my finances”.   How often have I hear this and how often is it so wrong?   Companies House require you to file your accounts nine months after your year end and if these are prepared for you by your accountant they might be looking at some information which is almost twenty-one […]

1602, 2016

Business Turnaround

Are you regularly spending your life taking calls from your creditors because you cannot pay them today?   Have you recently had a County Court Judgement (CCJ) served on you because you haven’t paid someone?   Are you regularly at the limit of your bank overdraft?

Help is at hand.

With our specialist knowledge of working with companies with […]

802, 2016

Trading Disclosures

On 1st October 2008 changes to the requirements for trading disclosures were enacted requiring all limited companies to comply with new rules.   If you do not comply with these rules both the company and its officers may be liable to a fine which can be enforced by Companies House or Trading Standards officers.

Where do […]

202, 2016

Strategic Thinking


Where is your company heading?   How are you going to achieve your objectives?

These are two questions which many business owners have often thought through but have never put together a formal plan.   Other businesses think they have a plan but in reality it is only a continuation of what they have been doing for years.

Do […]