Monthly Archives: March 2016

2903, 2016

How many of your staff throw “sickies”?

How many of your staff throw “sickies” … and how can you stop this?
Most small and medium sized companies don’t manage sickness absences adequately.   At best, they will make a note on a wall chart and grumble about the work lost or having to find cover for their duties.

How many companies measure sickness absence and […]

2303, 2016

How much does it cost you to recruit new staff?

How much does it cost you to recruit new staff … and how can this be reduced?
Few companies pay attention to the costs of recruiting staff.   It’s not just the cost of advertising in newspapers, recruitment agencies or even using on-line recruitment sites.   How much time do you take sifting through Application Forms and CVs […]

1403, 2016

How Much Is Your Business Really Worth?

How much is your business really worth … and what you do to improve this.
Some businesses are passed down from generation to generation … but not all.   You may be running a steady and profitable business but you have no family members who want to take over your business when you retire.   Most small businesses […]

703, 2016

Ways to be More Customer Friendly

3 ways to be more customer friendly
There is mountain of advice about customer experience, customer service, putting the customer at the centre of your business and any number of variations on the theme.

But how do you navigate all of that material, how do you break it down into easy to do chunks that don’t cost […]