Advance International – Industrial Sewing Machine manufacture, supply & maintenance

Actions taken:
Business was re-structured and an aggressive marketing strategy was implemented along with detailed financial management reporting to ensure close control was in place to monitor growth & progress.

Help Required:
Company was not profitable following loss of turnover during recession and in danger of going out of business.

Company quickly recovered turnover to make business profitable. Major new clients have been gained with significant ongoing potential along with interest from substantial European manufacturers needing distribution partners in UK for their products.
Annual turnover has now doubled and the business is financially strong with a bright future.

Springfield Mobile Limited – manufacturer of portable buildings

Help Required:
The Marketing activity of the Company was being handled by the Managing Director who because of other time pressures didn’t have time to carry out the duties in a consistent and organised way. An analysis of the Company and it’s marketplace identified an opportunity to exploit a lucrative vertical market. Our Sales & Marketing specialist was appointed as their “virtual” Marketing Director with a hands-on one day a week basis and implemented a marketing strategy which included the introduction of a much improved web-site which was a critical source of new business along with a powerful, consistent highly focussed e-mail marketing campaign. The subsequent delivery of the Growth Accelerator Programme further helped drive turnover

This has had a significant effect on the success of the business. The new marketing, a careful review of costs and the introduction of monthly management figures have had a dramatic effect on the Company and delivered significant profit and turnover close to double that of the previous year. The Company is now on target for a £6M turnover up from £2.3M
RMS Ltd – Struggling for turnover, HR problem, Exit strategy needed. Introduced sales strategy, new web site, professional marketing collateral, returned turnover to pre-recession levels, HR problem resolved. Company value increased dramatically, now too valuable to sell, retained in family ownership.
Anglo Lighting – Sister Company losing money annually and effecting Company negatively. Restructured Company to ensure achievable break even, introduced sales strategy which delivered new business and returned business to profit. Business subsequently sold profitably.
Springfield – Hit by recession and strong competition. Developed a new strategy to target substantial vertical market which delivered substantial growth then worked on building an income stream to provide long term security to the business. Turnover doubled in 3 years.
Advance Limited – Turnover dropped below breakeven. Restructured, attended trade shows, developed new partners and new markets and turned business around.
David Lee
Most recently he has taken a Construction Company from a loss making turnover of £2.3M in 2012 to a very profitable current turnover of £4.6M with a projected £5.1M for 2015 and a 10% EBIT figure.