404, 2016

How to make sure your business never runs out of cash … (again?)

How to make sure your business never runs out of cash … (again?)
How many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have a formal Reserves Policy?   How many businesses produce a regular updated Cash Flow forecast?   In my experience, very few if any.

So why are these so necessary?

A Cash Flow forecast projects when you will receive […]

1403, 2016

How Much Is Your Business Really Worth?

How much is your business really worth … and what you do to improve this.
Some businesses are passed down from generation to generation … but not all.   You may be running a steady and profitable business but you have no family members who want to take over your business when you retire.   Most small businesses […]

2302, 2016



“My accountant deals with all my finances”.   How often have I hear this and how often is it so wrong?   Companies House require you to file your accounts nine months after your year end and if these are prepared for you by your accountant they might be looking at some information which is almost twenty-one […]