“Do you already have a great business, but feel overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated?”

Is this true for you…

  • You are the owner of a business turning over at least £750K up to £10M a year?
  • You already know that a clear business plan is critical for the continued success of your business, and you are just looking for the right strategy, new ideas or effective execution methods to get it done.
  • You are extremely good at what you do, your core skills, the things you do that first got you in to business – but you are bogged down with the rest of the stuff that has come along for you to handle as your business has grown.
  • You lack the time and sometimes the energy to explore new opportunities because it means learning something else new on top of everything else you have going on in running your business.
  • You rely on a team of key people who you know lack some of the skills and expertise needed to keep you ahead of the game, but you lack the time and resources yourself to do anything meaningful about up-skilling them.

You know WHAT you need to do, but you lack the detailed expertise to know HOW to get it done fast enough?

The knock on effect of living with these frustrations and not delivering on your goals can be harsh and difficult to live with and often include…

  • You feel out of control or inefficient
  • You are just not earning enough or have financial problems
  • The quality of your life has been compromised by your business
  • Your health is suffering
  • This all may be affecting your close relationships
  • Loneliness and stress are now just something you silently deal with

Ultimately you will get your old self back, and have time to be the kind of partner, parent,friend or boss that you know you want to be.

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for all the help you have provided over the last few months, you have solved a number of problems that had been worrying us for some time that we thought were insurmountable. Your clear thinking and decisive action has proved to be very valuable and made a significant difference to this Company.”
Alan Dobson, MD. Rotating Maintenance Services, Warrington.

Who Do We Help?

  • Your business will have a turnover of at least £750,000 up to £10 million a year.
  • You want more. Making a change in your business or improving your results is your top priority right now.
  • You are intelligent enough to know that you can’t do everything well yourself and understand the benefits of buying in expertise to compliment your own skill set.
  • You are open to new ideas and ready and prepared to take action to get results.
  • You are ambitious and want to grow
  • Your business has settled on a plateau and you need an injection of new ideas and energy to shake things up a bit and regain momentum
  • Your business has flat lined and you need some immediate urgent advice to get out of trouble fast.
  • You are thinking about selling and want to realise the best price for your business.

Who Is This Not For?

  • Small start up businesses with a limited cash flow.
  • Business owners who are looking for some free advice but have no real intention of taking action on what they learn
  • You believe you can do everything required in your business yourself and that external consultants have no real value and don’t know enough about anything to be able to help you.


Ok so if you are still with me, what is the next step?