June Beddows

June L. Beddows
Digital Assets, Business Resilience, Growth Coach

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Telephone: 01384 892125

Email: june.beddows@mgba.co.uk


High Growth Coach, June Beddows, BA, B.Sc, MBA, F.Inst.I.B, has over thirty years wide-ranging business expertise gained whilst working at senior management level both in the UK and Abroad. 

Since 1999, June has worked as an independent consultant and has assisted, mentored, coached and helped many high-growth companies and SMES to develop their strategies, adapt to changing demands, implement new information based applications, and adapt and improve their businesses. 

June is passionate about helping people and organisations  to become more resilient, as they develop and expand.  All things digital and infrastructure management strategies are a particular strength, and June especially enjoys helping people and organisations to prosper through their personal learning and understanding of appropriate new digital technologies.


Growth Management

Information Management Strategy and Organisational Development

Business Resilience Assessment and Planning

Impartial expertise in the selection of all types of digital applications and all aspects of their
implementation and business management
Change Management

Quality Systems

Operational Management

Gap Analysis



Staff Training and Development


After graduating June began her working life as a Mathematics Teacher in the Midlands before joining South Staffordshire Water PLC, where she worked for over 21years. 

During this time she worked throughout all areas of the organisation, leading initiatives to embrace the evolving new digital technologies.  As well as providing expert help in all things digital, June’s role included helping staff at all levels to adapt to their new ways of working and new organisational structures as she worked with them to implement their new digital solutions.

As well as holding responsibilities at all levels within the Computer Department June also worked as Quality Systems Manager, Regulations Manager, Overseas Projects Manager and managed a diverse variety of  Projects leading to the creation of new Business organisations and income streams as the Company diversified its activities after privatisation.  

The fast changing nature of computing meant that June’s work also included a wide ranging and evolving training role, developing the skills of the systems and programming staff employed within the computer department.

For staff, managers and directors who were not computer specialists June’s training and support helped them to develop new skills in using and managing all aspects of the company’s restructured processes as everyone embraced different ways of undertaking their business processes and information management activities.