Marketing – Is your business suffering from a personality bypass?

What all big brands know and most small businesses do not is that people make decisions rationally (or at least convince themselves they do) but they buy EMOTIONALLY.

Understanding and acting on this fundamental principle will transform your business. This is the simple but powerful secret which explains how you can not just stand out from your competitors but leave them trailing in your wake and wondering what on earth you have done that has left them so far behind. What’s more if you get this right you won’t need to increase your marketing budget – though in practice when you see how powerful this is you probably want to spend more.

The reason this works so well is because most small and medium sized businesses undergo something of a personality bypass when it comes to their marketing and their website. What this means in practice is that they are leaving your market open for anyone who brings a bit of personality or emotion into their marketing to come and build their reputation and market share. For some market sectors this lack of personality or differentiation is so extreme that you can switch the names of the companies on local press advertising or websites and no one would notice that you had done so. I have seen many examples of businesses which when you visit them stand out for being dynamic, innovative, loud, bold, warm or funky but whose website, advertising or marketing material looks as if it had been designed by a civil servant or a banker.

If this is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and you are dreading looking at your website or latest advertisement again do not despair – you now hold the key to setting your business apart – and you can make dramatic improvements without having to redesign and reprint every piece of marketing that you currently use.

Another important point to realise is that the success of this approach does not depend on your business having a strong brand or even a logo – in fact if you just use a company name of even your own name these techniques can be even more effective because it can be easier to create and promote a distinctive marketing personality.

If you are not sure about how to develop a unique personality for your business, asking your customers for feedback is great place to start. Look out for the blogs about this on the MGBA website.

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