David was recommended to us when we were having a terrible time with our Business due to the recession, he has without doubt been responsible for turning the Business around and helped us not only recover from a precarious situation but go from strength to strength. Just 12 months later we are experiencing a significant increase in Sales having , with David’s help, gained business from a number of Blue Chip Companies. David continues to work with us on a monthly basis and I highly recommend him. His all round business experience and advice has proved invaluable to this Company”
John Gerrard- M.D, Advance Limited, Ruabon, Wrexham - Industrial Sewing Machine Manufacturers & Distributors


I would like to express my gratitude and respect for Mr David Lee of NGBA Group he has been extremely supportive and willing to give 100% on any business topic. We have found him knowledgeable, businesslike and efficient.
He has a solid quiet manner and although his business acumen is plainly greater than ours he is able to communicate without being condescending, he is easy to talk to and does his utmost to help us manage and grow the business, giving us a bright future.
Carol White & Sian Hession, Directors of RWSF Limited, Corwen, N. Wales – Agricultural & Forestry Contractors


David Lee & The NGBA team have made a number of very positive contributions to our business, including the resolution of a problem that was costing thousands of pounds in lost revenue and the planning and implementation of a sales strategy that has delivered new business to all 3 sectors of our operation. All in all an extremely constructive and valuable contribution and excellent value for money.
David Charles, M.D, RAS Design & Print Limited, Chester – Printers


We took advice from David when we first acquired the business, which had failed twice in the hands of the previous owners. We were anxious to turn the business around and get off to the best possible start. Through David and his coleagues at NGBA we received valuable advice in many aspects of the business including highly specialised areas, this helped us create a profitable business during a very difficult trading period.
Peter Dickinson, Owner, The Farndon Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, Chester


David worked for me as Sales Director . He was an effective manager of people and implemented many Marketing systems that we still use today after many years. His understanding of Business and an eye for profit is second to none. I would highly recommend him to provide practical solutions to just about any business challenge
Steve Bristow MD, Plus Display Limited, Stoke on Trent – Printers & Exhibition Eqpt Mfrs.


David is a great motivator and always managed to get the best out of people because of his fantastic attitude. I learnt a lot from David, he improved my sales skills no end and in particular how to communicate to a large audience, He always came to work with a smile and I would have no hesitation in recommending him, especially when it comes to building and leading a motivated sales team.
Alastair Ruston, Sales Manager, Printability (UK) Limited, Stoke on Trent - Printers


Bloody Hell!!!!! over 600 people have opened the email campaign, and we have already had 4 good enquiries today alone.
Well its definitely working!
Thanks for a great job.
Lyndsey Duggan, Managing Director – Springfield Mobile Limited, Portable Building Manufacturers, St Helens.


I engaged the services of David Lee to look at the role of marketing and gaining new business for our metal working Company which was losing money on an annual basis.

However David quickly spotted a number of Company shortfalls that would hinder growth and needed correction before proceeding with a Marketing strategy.

He worked with us in both the fabrication business and our electrical lighting Company both of which benefited from his input and commercial experience.

He was instrumental in putting key systems and strategies in place to allow us to have logical procedure to follow when quoting new work ensuring accurate costing.

He additionally helped us to introduce Key Performance Indicators and introduced ways to measure and manage performance within the Company with extremely positive results.

Importantly he also introduced new contracts of employment and a company handbook which had a dramatic effect on attendance and productivity.

Throughout his time working with us David has always been professional, courteous and confidential in any work he has carried out for us.

Whilst his ideas and advice have all been positive, he has not tried to force his opinions and ways onto the company, but has helped and guided us.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David and feel that we have gained good value for money by using David.

He continues to work with us on a regular basis to ensure we stay on track and continue to improve all aspects of the business.

Please feel free to contact myself, should you wish to discuss the above in any further detail.

JOHN HALL, Managing Director, Millennium Lighting (UK) Ltd


Many thanks for your time last week you demonstrated an excellent understanding of a complex situation, in particular I was inspired by your advice on negotiation tactics
Dominic Watson BSc, MICBA, MD, - Myers La Roche Limited, Cheshire


I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for all the help
you have provided over the last few months, you have solved a
number of problems that had been worrying us for some
time that we thought were insurmountable.
Your clear thinking and decisive action has proved to be very
valuable and made a significant difference to this Company.
Alan Dobson, MD. Rotating Maintenance Services, Warrington


John, thank you for your support for our business, your broad business knowledge and expertise combined with honest and constructive support has been influential in the growth of both our business and my own personal development
John Wells, Russell Fraser, MD, Goodflo Ltd


Your assistance during the restructuring of our Management system was so valuable, not to mention the ongoing support you so kindly showed throughout some very difficult times
Engineering Company, West Midlands


First let me thank you for the enormous amount of work you have done in such a short space of time. We have looked over the report closely and note with careful interest the recommendations you have made. Your comments and observations are allowing us to keep a tight control over the business


Andrew Cleaves of Tube Lines stated in a conference that Peter Westbrook’s work resulted in millions of pounds saved and on time delivery for all projects.
Brigadier Elderton of The British Army stated that he has never experienced a better person for mapping and improving business processes
Richard Bobbett, MD of Airwave Solutions has repeatedly asked for Peter Westbrook to design and run joint organisational workshops as ‘they are great fun but always result in improved teamwork and accelerated project delivery’
Ian de Leiros of Laing O’Rourke stated that ‘the company could not have achieved certification to BS11000: Collaborative Business Relationships without the work of Peter Westbrook. Indeed he did over 90% of the work’.
Marks and Spencer specifically asked for Peter Westbrook to advise them on the statistical validity of authorising a product recall.
Peter Westbrook