Peter Schofield

Peter Schofield
Marketing, Growth Coach

Contact Details

Telephone: 07831 550157



Marketing:  Peter Schofield – with over 20 years marketing experience, mainly at board level, Peter has a track record of increasing profitability by improving marketing from the ground up and for the long-term. Unlike most marketing specialists Peter is focused on setting clear objectives, taking   action and measuring and delivering results.

Peter has experience in all areas of marketing and especially customer feedback and referral systems. He is an advocate of NPS ( and is a Net Promoter Certified Associate.


Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plans, Market Research, Product Development, Customer Engagement, Customer Feedback, Customer Referral, Managing Marketing Suppliers, Marketing Return on Investment, Marketing Workshops, Marketing Masterclasses, Marketing Support Package, SME Marketing, Employee Engagement, Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter Certified Associate