Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook
Strategic Change & Business Process Improvements

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Peter Westbrook is an experienced change agent, having been a consultant and trainer since 1988. Assignments have led him into a wide variety of sectors/organizations both large (Siemens, M & S, The Army, Orange, etc) and small local businesses (Illston and Robson, Tempest, G Purchase, Joinery Classics, Lumasign etc), services and activities. This breadth and depth of experience has allowed him to quickly establish a good understanding of clients’ needs. He has particular expertise in understanding how organisations can improve their effectiveness and efficiency. This has enabled him to be instrumental in delivering significant business change resulting in cost savings, improved project delivery times, better quality and greater customer satisfaction. A great speciality one particular example is his work with Tube Lines, which resulted in millions of pounds saved and on time delivery for all projects. He draws on his expertise of management techniques, teambuilding, communication and quality methods to enable the most effective solution or mentor businesses strategic development..

Peter brings to client organisations a number of attributes, namely:

  • A good facilitator and if necessary, team builder, ensuring mutual support and recognising the importance of everyone achieving the agreed goals.
  • A deep understanding of the management of change Extensive knowledge of how organisations can strategically collaborate
  • Experience with working with a wide variety of organisations and the issues that affect them. He recognises the implications of these issues and how stressful they can be to small and medium businesses. Nevertheless he can draw on his knowledge of how other organisations confronted the issue and either solved it or reduced its impact.
  • Knowledge of how organisations work and generate value to customers. He can quickly assimilate and then assess the effectiveness of their processes and procedures. This allows him to provide invaluable advice as to how they can be improved, thus reducing costs and inefficiencies.
  • A deep knowledge of management and improvement techniques which can radically improve how organisations operate.
  • A good rapport with all his clients resulting in good communication and trust in his advice.
  • A focus on achieving the primary agreed goals. This has resulted in all his projects achieving the desired outcomes.
  • A wide network of known specialists. If required, Peter can call on their advice, very quickly
  • An empathy with directors and managers who want to achieve real change, which allows him to advise without being patronising and to develop strong mutual respect.
  • An ability to talk and work with every type of person, no matter what position they hold.