Quality Accreditations 

Practical Hands-on Help

We can offer assistance to companies wishing to gain accreditation to a specific level of competence. The level of assistance we offer can be from overall project management to assisting your designated person with a practical hand on approach.

Whether it is pressure from your customers, or a desire for companies to improve their processes there are a large number of Standards available; some are industry specific.

Which Quality Standard is right for your business?

The most common and well known quality standard is ISO 9001 with nearly 1 million Accredited Organisations worldwide. The one with a growing demand within the U.K. is ISO14001 Environmental Standard, with Occupational Health & Safety standard OH SAS 18001 being the accepted safety standard within the construction Industry.

For those supplying the consumer markets they should consider the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Consumer Products, Food Safety. Transport and Packaging should also be considered.

In the automotive sector the sector specific standard TS16949 for engineering companies or CQI-9 for heat treatment companies are recommended, whereas companies in the information technology sector should consider the TickIT quality standard.

For those companies wishing to hold multiple accreditations, i.e. Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety, they should consider an integrated Management System such as PAS99 which still give the individual accreditations but greatly reduces the paperwork.

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