Real results in business come from a combination of desire, clear thinking and concentrated action

Only a holistic approach brings about lasting transformation and sustainable growth


How You Think


How You Feel


What You Do

When any one of these three personal factors are out of sync it can throw you off balance and your whole performance will suffer. Recognising this, and taking the time to address it effectively will bring enormous personal benefits. When you feel right, your results improve dramatically.
Wearing too many hats and doing only an alright job at marketing or financial planning is a very expensive route to take in today’s fast paced business world.

The world is changing, making it almost impossible for one single person to keep on top of every part of the business game.

It used to be ok to muddle through, to think you could do it all yourself, but the reality is that this will damage your business in the long run. Now you stand a real chance of being left behind by your competitors if you don’t keep up to speed with your market trends and have a strategy to consistently deliver improving value to your expectant customers.

Lose your focus, lose your heart or lose touch with best practice and you are in for a rocky ride.
If you are feeling this, and you do nothing, then the truth is nothing will improve for you, and the people relying on you will eventually suffer.

There are real benefits to bringing external experts in to your business from time to time to help you clear the roadblocks and set you up for success. But who do you trust?

You need someone who understands independent business. Someone who has the experience and expertise to show you the quickest route through to your goals based upon their proven knowledge and experience.

Someone who will listen to you, stand by you and believe in you.

Others may doubt you. They may not truly believe what you want is even possible. But that is where we are different. We understand that being unreasonable, demanding and unrealistic got you where you are today. We are business owners too. Every one of us. We are battle scarred and tested with real world knowledge of how to get ahead and where the pitfall are likely to be. You can learn from our experience. Use our knowledge to get the short cut, the smart way through the road blocks to the results you are looking for.

Unlike many other business advice services out there, we truly know the territory. Our specialist advisors are exactly that – specialist. We don’t pretend to know everything about everything, and you will never get vague, untested or unproven advice from a Jack of all trades trying to close a sale on you. We hate that.

We don’t close sales. We open relationships with our customers.

We are a collective, collaborative community of independent business men and women, who work together referring work to one another across our network. If the advisor you meet from MGBA is not able to help you, then they will put you in touch with someone who can. A specialist.

You get rational thinking, no nonsense practical solutions. We tell you what you need to hear with honesty and integrity. And because we know what we are talking about, we can often see a way through for you fairly quickly so you start to see results in less than 30 days.

If you implement the changes we agree, then you will succeed

So, if you are looking for some expert advice, which provides practical results focussed solutions, then contact us today on 0333 444 8852, or fill out the form on this page.

Always good humoured and accepting, Nick seems like part of our team, and we would not want to lose him. He is our go to guy for guidance on all things digital, and he has patiently coached us through our growing pains and website development, and we are now seeing results with increased online sales and a growing social media following.
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